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Salmon Soufflé 

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Made this for dinner today. So unbelievably amazing.

It’s called “The Italian Wonderpot

And I’ve probably eaten ~1/6 of what I made and I’m so full I could explode. Definitely recommend this as a vegetarian/vegan recipe, and if you want to add meat of some kind you totally can.

Recipe & info:

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Banana Mug Bread


Note: This yummy, nutritious banana mug bread is fully inspired by the amazing aubernutter’s mug pancakes

To make these little goodies, you need:

- Half a banana

- A few tablespoons of quick cooking oats (or any oats for that matter)

- 1 tablespoons of honey (or agave)

- 1…

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Double Dark Chocolate Cookies from OhSheGlows

I made a double batch of these for my co-workers and housemates yesterday and they received glowing reviews. I just replaced the sunflower seed butter with cashew butter; sunflower seed butter has a pretty strong taste and I wanted to focus more on the chocolatey-ness, and fortunately, cashew butter offered the perfect consistency with a smooth, mellow flavor.

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